The Greenery: Baliuag Bulacan, Philippines

I’ve been thinking about great places near the metro lately, and the first place that’ll come into mind up north is Bulacan. As to my research, Bulacan has a lot to offer as it is a historic place. In 1899, the historic Barasoain Church in Malolos was the birthplace of the First Constitutional Democracy in Asia.

ILove Adventours allowed me to tag along as they schedule an ocular inspection on one of their target destination to promote on their day tour, The Greenery.

According to The Greenery’s website, they are located at #80 Rio Vista Subdivision, Sabang 3006 Baliuag, Bulacan. The Greenery, a wedding events place is a hub for any special occasion. It has three theme-based venues that can accommodate the creativity of the bride and groom in creating their perfect event. The three venues are: Pavilion, Lighthouse and Open garden.

The pavilion has a grand ballroom for an elegant setting. The lighthouse is located by the river for couples that like the water and a cool breeze for their big day. The open garden has a vast open space that can accommodate any gathering with a long guest list.

The Greenery, formerly known as TGI Pavilion started in 2001 with only one venue. After years of operation, it has grown to be a full- blown resort that caterers specifically to the bride-and-groom-to-be.

You’ll be both amazed and mesmerized on their wedding venues. They a great looking Lighthouse by the river. It will surely give a romantic feeling for you and your guests to enjoy as the cool breeze touches their faces 😉 They also have an open garden. So huge that it can surely accommodate a great crowd 😉

There will be no problem as far as accommodation is concerned. They have a Single Villa which can accommodate 4 persons and a Grand Villa that can hold up to 10.

Then if you ask me, it’s not a great place if there’s no good food 😉 They offer a wide range of catering services.

Then if it is relaxing that your body seek, they are offering SPA packages.

Shiatsu Massage
Use of finger pressure, its goal is to restore the healthy flow of energy throughout the body.  (1 hour)

Aromatherapy-Swedish Massage
Good choice for first time spa goers. It involves the stroking of skin and kneading of muscles. The aromatherapy relaxes and cools. It aids in relieving irritability, anxiety and stress.  (1 hour)

Relaxing Body Butter Massage
Your choice between swedish or shiatsu massage together with body butter lotion. It prevents your skin from dehydration while relaxing your full body. This treatment is advisable for dry and hot weather. (1 hour)

Foot & Leg Massage
The foot is believed to gather thousands of nerve-endings that is actually connected to all internal parts of the body. It also pampers tired feet from stiffness caused by intense use of muscles for long periods of time. (30 min)

Back Massage
It can improve sleep, relieve from lower back pain and reduction in depression and anxiety. The biggest benefit is increase endorphin levels. These endorphins are known as the chemicals that our body produces and helps you feel good. (30 min)

Body Scrub 
Use dead-sea salt to exfoliate old skin to make it softer, younger and whiter. It also improves circulation that result to new epidermal layer of the skin. (1 hour)

Foot Spa with Massage
Use of seaweed scrub with callous free and cooling effect lotion to condition your feet while relieving stress. (1 hour)

Ready to indulge yourself into a day of pure escapade and stress-relieving tour? Not to mention a million photo ops? Ask ILove Adventours to help you plan your next tour 😉


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